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June 23, 2021  •  4 Comments
Waterproof! Every day, I try to break away in the mid-afternoon and get in a three-to-four-mile hard walk. Yesterday, with the weather app showing only a 19% chance of precipitation, I laced up my hiking boots, oiled up with sunscreen and donned my hat for a trek around the Volanta/Section/Triangle area. I was a good mile from home when the rain...
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Swingin - From Fairhope to Mobile!

June 18, 2021  •  5 Comments
I came across this photo the other day and, it being Father’s Day weekend, thought it worthy of a new Blog post. See, my namesake is in the upper right corner playing the stand-up bass. I’ve not much clue as to when this photo was taken or where, for that matter. I’m guessing that it was in the late 50’s or early 60’s and as to ‘where’, well, it co...
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Showtime in Fairhope

June 14, 2021  •  4 Comments
Showtime in Fairhope I’ve noticed of late that there just seems to be more people here in our fair city. Or, to be specific, more people congregating around the bay, its beaches and piers. Of course, June is the wedding month of choice for many and there are no shortages of couples and wedding parties having photos taken all over the city with the...
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Don't Look Up!

June 09, 2021  •  2 Comments
Was hanging around the Bay-front last Friday evening, watching the clouds and the goings-on on one of the fishing piers. Prior to this scene, there were shirtless boys running up and down the pier, doing what little boys do in the summer, a couple on a stroll, a woman taking pics with her phone and all the while, this person relaxing in what looked...
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June 04, 2021  •  4 Comments
I came across this photo recently and as often happens, I viewed it from a perspective which was not apparent when I captured the scene. I still like the shot for the contrasts presented by the stormy cloud’s ominous shadows versus the sun’s illumination of the pier, seemingly both enhancing the colors and the details. But, I was immediately struck...
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