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October 08, 2021  •  2 Comments
On occasion, I look through my photos for those diamonds in the rough that I may have missed, and while doing so, I come across a photo such as this one, which is not all it appears to be. There is a bit of background to the shot – how it was captured, the resulting photo and what it took to render it presentable. About three cameras ago, I headed...
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September 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Imagine you are walking through an arena concert venue, not unlike the Mobile Municipal Auditorium, one with a dome-type roof. The building is almost full with avid fans anticipating an evening of music. You’ve maneuvered your way from the stage level seating, into one of the stairwells and are trudging up the steps amongst the cheap seats. You get...
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The Calm

September 03, 2021  •  3 Comments
This is one of those shots that got lost in the shuffle. Sometimes, I get focused on one particular capture and pay no attention to the rest. This one fell into that category as I found it right by another one with which I was quite pleased. But, when I came across this one recently, I was stunned with its beauty, the contrast in the sky between th...
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August 13, 2021  •  1 Comment
On some evenings, if I’ve not got a plan for capturing a particular scene or one I think may present, I’ll drive from spot to spot, always at the ready if I see something inspiring. On a recent Saturday I was doing just that when I noticed what was going on in the sky above our pier. I quickly found a spot to park and proceeded to compose and shoot...
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Spring Clean

August 05, 2021  •  1 Comment
A client recently ordered a print of these Tulips on the Bluff and while submitting the photo to my printer, I recalled when I actually took the shot. I captured this scene a few years back on the tail-end of a Spring day. Back then, I was driving an older Miata and I only mention that because it was so low to the ground, it offered me a view somew...
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