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     On a typical Friday evening, weather permitting, I’ll throw some gear in the car and head out in search of photographic inspiration here in our lovely town. I never know what I might come across, what scene might develop, but I’m always sure there will be tons of options from which to choose. Imagine my surprise, when, on a recent outing, I was met with a lack of activity such as might be seen on a dreary winter’s day. I made my usual rounds, back and forth, here to there, and ended up just hanging around one of the fishing piers on Fairhope beach, waiting for something to happen!

     But, there were no Herons in search of dinner, no nets being cast into the bay in hope of securing bait for fishing, no photographers with betrothed couples looking for the perfect shots, no kids splashing in the water, no families enjoying the evening on the sand, no couples strolling the piers, no locals walking their pets and not an obvious tourist in sight.

     Then, as I sat there gazing at the sky and watching the clouds roll along, noticing the obscured sun casting enough light to create reflections on the bay from the horizon to the shore, the lone gull perched on a piling in the distance, the complete lack of activity and the aura of calm and serenity all of that created, it occurred to me that there was a reason for it all – a message for anyone who cared enough to dig below the surface.

     And for me, I realized that all of this was God’s way of reminding me to slow down, to erase the clutter that I’d allowed to accumulate in my life, in my mind. To remind me to let go and let Him. The beauty that surrounds me and the peace He provides are gifts for the taking. I just need to let them both envelop my being.

     For, while I may not know much, I do know that I am what I think. If I latch onto a thought, good or bad, loving or hateful, and let it percolate for a bit, I know that sooner or later it will manifest itself in a corresponding action – whether by me or someone else. I also know that when I let God direct my thoughts, I do the right things, productive and loving things, as do others. And that’s the way I want to live my life and affect those around me. Me thinks I’ll frame this shot and hang it on my wall as God’s reminder.



Karen Lucassen(non-registered)
GORGEOUS!! The photo speaks so many things …incoming or outgoing storm, peace, tranquility, beauty…. Just so pretty
Let go and Let HIM. I like that. I could sit and stare at that view for a long time. Great photo.
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