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     Every day, I try to break away in the mid-afternoon and get in a three-to-four-mile hard walk. Yesterday, with the weather app showing only a 19% chance of precipitation, I laced up my hiking boots, oiled up with sunscreen and donned my hat for a trek around the Volanta/Section/Triangle area. I was a good mile from home when the raindrops hit and I smugly congratulated myself for wearing my hat. A bit further along, the drops got a bit closer together with puddles starting to appear and I was thankful for  my waterproof boots. I pressed on, even though the rain was now pouring down hard enough that cars were slowing and splashing me as they went by. Of course, that really didn’t matter as there was no possibility of me being any wetter than I was. And, as I am wont to do, I plan my walks, rain or not, as out and backs to prevent the opportunity for bail-outs so - on I trekked, up hill and down.

     It was during one of these uphill stretches that I realized a drawback to the waterproof boots. While they do a fabulous job of keeping one’s feet dry whilst traipsing through shallow creeks, snow and other wet obstacles, they also hold water on the inside once it seeps in. I knew this – I’ve stepped in places before where the water was deeper than the boot uppers are high. What I didn’t think about though, was the rain, as heavy as it was coming down in addition to splash-waves created by passing motorists, was running right down my bare legs, soaking into the socks and filling up the boots. Water is heavy, you know?  And there wasn’t a thing I could do about it till I got home except trek on and enjoy the additional leg workout that the water containers tied to my feet provided.

     So, safely at home, clothing in the wash and boots sitting in front of a running fan, I finished up my workday then got out for another short walk down by the bay before heading home and prepping some dinner. I snapped this pic with my phone while I was out and it certainly proved to be an omen of things to come last evening. I was in my office working on some pics when the storm hit and at one point there was a lightning strike followed closely by an electric popping noise with a flash next to my desk. Seems that my modem felt the need for some attention and got it. I’ve been connecting to the internet as needed via my phone hotspot since. AT&T is delivering a new one tomorrow so I’ll be back in full swing. And, I’ll continue to take my treks using the postman’s motto. Gotta be ready for my next adventure in Montana – ya never know what the weather is gonna do.




Daniel Dolgin(non-registered)
Wiseshotz Photography
Will be heading back to Montana and Wyoming this September. Gonna experience both Glacier N.P and Yellowstone before the snow limits access.
Shalanda Jenkins(non-registered)
You live by the postman motto more than the postman! But I for one definitely enjoy the dedication as it provides us with such awesome photos.
Montana! When? On my bucket list!
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