Don't Look Up!

June 09, 2021  •  2 Comments

june 1june 1

     Was hanging around the Bay-front last Friday evening, watching the clouds and the goings-on on one of the fishing piers. Prior to this scene, there were shirtless boys running up and down the pier, doing what little boys do in the summer, a couple on a stroll, a woman taking pics with her phone and all the while, this person relaxing in what looked to be a beach chair on the platform at the end, did not appear to be disturbed in the least. I can imagine that he or she was there relaxing and oblivious to all else. I watched for quite some time as the people came and went. Then, Mr. Castnet showed up and it took only one toss of his seine until Mr. Heron decided to join. This shot, with the interesting cloud formations obscuring the sunset, on the surface seems to depict the Heron in a perilous spot, about to be entangled in the net. No worries though - Mr. Castnet's target was to the right of the pier. Funny, his net came up empty time after time and Mr. Heron moved on, presumably to visit a fisherman experiencing a bit more luck. And the 'Relaxer'? Well, I left without disturbing.

     All of my photos are available as prints here on my site, with framing options as well as metal and wrap mediums.  I've just created a new Gallery - Fairhope June 2021 - where new photos will be displayed in addition to my Blog links. I will be creating a new Gallery for each month to make photos easier to find. Thank you for following my work. I would appreciate any feedback you care to share. 

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june 1Don't Look Up!Heron looking for today's catch.


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Thank you, Anna, for following my work and your comments. I'm so glad you are a friend and have been all of these years. Stay in touch!
Anna Bryant(non-registered)
You always catch the essence of the moment. Thank you for sharing what you do...
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